"Its beautiful to do it and it’s also beautiful to see it done"

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justfeng ramey art

I use to draw a lot. and paint. I use to write a lot too. Nothing too crazy , just epic doodling and ramblings about nothing. There was also a lot of list making. I still write those. But now… now I mostly type, and photoshop, and click, and drag, and slide, and push imaginary buttons that make sounds like we’re clicking buttons. I’m not knocking the digital age. I love the digital age . The efficiency and speed in which beautiful images and works of art can be sent and seen around the world is incredible . Not to mention the democratization of creative work the age has brought on . There is a way smaller chance that while I was learning how to photograph with film in college that I thought my life now would be possible for me . 

But still … 

justfeng missramey typographer

I miss the touching , the feeling , the kinesthetics of making art . Its beautiful to do it and it’s also beautiful to see it done . 

Meet Ramey the artist . She’s a typographer be trade and though she is proficient enough as a digital artist , her truth is in her hands . She paints with brushes and cans, draws with pen and pencil, and most recently she’s developing her skills as a screen printer . 

Nothing beats a finished physical product . 

Artist - @missramey

Music | Brian Hirano