12.29.2016 | photography
ryan feng photography staygold sofi the barber

Over thinking , laziness , excuses , fear , lack of confidence, not enough talent , not enough skill , not enough time , or name any other reason you can think of for why people don't manifest their ideas or projects . I have probably used all of them at some point , and some of them I have on heavy rotation . 

This is why , to work over some of those hurdles , I've presented some creative challenges for myself to tackle every day . First , I will be doing a Snapchat (@justfeng) mission everyday either created by myself or from a recommendation . Second , I will be carrying a point and shoot with me just about everywhere I go shooting through out the day and at the end of the day I will post something new on Instagram . Third , on top of doing photoshoot blog posts twice a week , I will be adding a topic to write about that connects to those photos . 

This brings me (SEGWAY) of course to the quick test shoot I did with this lovely couple . Introducing to you first : Sof the Barber aka. STAYGOLD31

ryan feng photography staygold31 sofie the barber

of is a distinguished barber based in Los Angeles with a home base at Grey Matter in NoHo and then at The Lab in West Covina . She has quite a following as a female barber in a male dominated industry as well as having the double talent of doing salon style cuts . She hustles and also is a budding filmmaker constantly creating shorts and videos .

What impresses upon me the most while being around her (full disclosure : I haven't known her a long time) , is that even busy with her career as a barber , every time I'm around her , she's shooting . She's got a lot going for her already and she's still building her rep and clientele , but she's still putting in the time and work to learn something new . Respect . 

ryan feng photography staygold31 sofie the barber


There is so many things to tell you about this next person here , first of which is her name : Valerie Ramirez 

ryan feng photography
ryan feng photography

Val is an owner of a multi purpose multi creative studio named The Lab in West Covina . The lab feature as a :

  • kickboxing (there's a ring)
  • fitness (there's a gym)
  • Tumbling/tricking/bboying (there's a padded room)
  • barbershop (there's a barber chair with a vanity mirror) 
  • and dance (there's three dance studios) center .

And if that wasn't enough to fill 24 hours in a day , she was working as a styling assistant for JoyRich , and now moonlighting as a barber . She's also a professional dancer with a killer sense of style and a rapier wit . She has incredible creative vision and CLEARLY gets shit done . 

And that's the thing about Val that I love most . She thinks of a project , makes a decision , and gets it done . Its a trait that I truly admire . 

ryan feng photography
ryan feng photography
ryan feng photography