World of Dance Atlanta 2018 | Dance Performance

Last weekend, I freestyled to "Let Me Blow Your Mind" by Eve and Gwen Stefani for the World Of Dance Atlanta 2018.  This is such a throwback 90's hip hop song.  I've loved this song for so long and have never taught class, taken dance class, choreographed, nor performed it and this seemed like a good opportunity to showcase this song and my love for it to an audience and demographic that might not know it.  A couple of dancers came up to me afterwards needing to know the name of this song.

My work here is done.

Maybe I should do a bunch of songs that I've loved but never have performed to.  I have a couple more World of Dance Showcases and this seems like a pretty good opportunity to share music from another era that are amazing but doesn't really make the rotations in current playlists.  Anyone got any suggestions?