Big Bad Beijing ! ... and Shanghai

This past weekend , I was blessed once again to hit the road with SkyBlu and the Big Bad Crew . This trip was a 16 hr ride over to the other side of the world . 

Just to give you an idea of how expansive this amount of time was … here are all the things I was able to do with all of the flying parts of this trip

1. watched 6.5 movies

2. read 4 magazines cover to cover

3. read half a book . about 200 pages

4. ate 5 meals 

5. stared off into space for at least an hour combined

6. convinced the stewardess to give me another hot meal (10 minutes)

7. drew a stick figure masterpiece on my arm 

8. climbed over my neighbor to use the restroom x 4

and finally …

9. slept for about 4 hours total 

***note this isn’t even counting the amount of time at the airport with layovers and customs and security and slow people in all the above mentioned activities

Here are some photos of the awesome times had in between the flights .

 imageFirst thing to do in the hotel room . Take a big window hotel room photo . of course

imageChecking out the local supermarket with @mikefal . yes thats an angry bird soda I’m holding cuz …. #yolo 

imageYES another hotel photo . amazing hotels are my favorite parts of trips sometimes . it’s just so NICE

imageBath tubs and windows . DOPE

imageRoaming the streets of Shanghai . You can’t tell but theres a girl peeing on the street right behind me . This is me turning the other way . 

imageleveling up her instagram . 

imageCaught the sunset . LA drivers can learn a thing or two about road rage from these road rage pros over here in China

imageWelcome to the Hollywood and Highland of Shanghai . 

imageFamily dinner . (L-R) MikeFal , Dj Bmad, Dan Shultz , Reek Rude, Sali

imageDoing a little Jade shopping

And then of course …






Worth it .