FENG is a very serious man . He understands what smiling is though has never experienced it himself . Creating makes him happy , seriously . After winning an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography and a World Choreography Award , people thought he might have smiled , but they were wrong . He was just frowning while doing a handstand . 

When FENG is alone working on creating content for brands, people assume he’s smiling because of the upbeat vibe of his work . They are wrong . He usually looks like he’s writing the obituary for cartoon characters that people stopped remembering . Its very serious work . 

FENG doesn’t give high fives , he gives incredibly sober fives . 

FENG has traveled across the world creative directing for SkyBlu (LMFAO) and the Dominic Show , choreographed for Snoop Dogg and the Miss World Pageant , assisted choreographed one of the most viral music videos "Party Rock Anthem," as well as winning America’s Best Dance Crew . Twice . In front of the camera , he's been in commercials , movies and print ads and behind the camera he has photographed for Urban Outfitters , PublishBrand , and Sprayground . He’s photographed the likes of Soulja Boy , The Game , and Gallantis . FENG’s been doing all of this while working on growing his seriously bitchin’ beard . 

He enjoys his whiskey straight and his coffee black , his clothes fresh and his baggage light . He enjoys his weather dry much like he enjoys his humor . 


The worlds most serious man 

“it’s seriously not that serious”